Availability & Special Orders

Availability changes daily. If you are looking for something in particular please stop by or call us for our most current availability. Please be aware that no two plants (even the same species or cultivar) are exactly alike and that each plant may vary in size, color and form. If you are curious on the exact size or quality of a particular plant we suggest that you come in person to see and judge for yourself.

Although we only grow a portion of our own nursery stock, we have developed close partnerships with many resourceful growers. The close relationships we have established allow us to consistently provide superior quality product with a greater product mix. If we do not have something in stock then we will try our best to locate it for you.


The length of time it takes to bring in a special order from the date of request often depends on the season, size, amount, and type of plant material. Many special orders typically take no more than a week and a half to arrive from one of our growers. Please let us know by noon on Monday so that we can try our best to have the material in before the weekend, otherwise, it may require an additional week to locate and have the material delivered to our Garden Center. Please let us know the quantity, size, and exact species or cultivar you are looking for. We can let you know if it is possible for us to special order it for you. It may require longer than two weeks for special orders.


It is not always possible to locate everything depending on the species, amount of material, availability from growers, and the time of year. It is particularly difficult to locate larger deciduous balled and burlapped plants after the late winter, early spring season. This is because most deciduous plants must be pre-dug from the ground before bud-break. After bud-break the plant is much more susceptible to transplant shock. We would have to solely rely on finding material that was already pre-dug and out of ground. Please keep in mind that the later it is in the growing season, often the less likely we will be able to special order certain items.

Please see Wildwood Policies for more information and restrictions on special orders.