Wildwood Display Gardens

Wildwood features several display garden areas, each highlighting different concepts for using plants effectively in the landscape.

Our first display garden encompasses the entire street-side view of the nursery.  Here we plant a new selection of Proven Winners annuals every season, with a new color scheme each year, and featuring plants in the ground, in large containers, and in hanging baskets.  This display is typically planted mid-May, once the chance of hard freeze has passed, and lasts well into the fall, even beyond our first few frosts.  It highlights the beauty, long bloom time, and resilience of annuals, especially the new varieties now available.  Come fall, the display is augmented with colorful pumpkins, gourds, and seasonal mums.  After Thanksgiving, evergreens and Christmas lights take the stage.

A second large display garden along the back wall of the property features eight vignettes showing typical home landscape situations and some creative ideas for working with them.  Vignettes include a typical front door entry path, an urban patio garden, a raised bed vegetable and herb garden, and more.

Our third large display area is the Bower & Branch showroom.  Surrounding our Bower & Branch Tree House, this garden features a large patio area and a winding path that meanders between beds filled with a selection of Bower & Branch trees underplanted with perennials and shrubs.  Colorful annuals fill the window boxes on the building and spill out of the collection of large planters in the patio area.  The Bower & Branch showroom is designed to help you to visualize how various trees might look in your own home landscape.

We also have a small Japanese-style garden planted near our commercial entrance, featuring a natural stone bench,  graceful japanese maples and shrubs appropriate for this type of planting.

If you are looking for ideas, a tour of our display gardens could be a great place to start!