Hard Goods’ Care

Wildwood carries a variety of hard goods. We attempt to carry only the strongest and most durable products on the market. Unfortunately, whenever you leave any of these hard goods outside and subject them to varying environmental stresses and elements over time, their coloring and durability are subject to stress. Proper maintenance is recommended to protect your hard goods from water, ice and or sun. Any item that holds water, snow or ice, or any piece which is placed directly on the ground can be damaged during the spring, fall or winter due to freeze-thaw cycles.

We recommend, whenever possible, bringing inside all planters, birdbaths, benches, statuary, and pottery during the seasons when freeze-thaw cycles occur to eliminate all chances of freeze-thaw damage. If you choose to leave these items outside then we suggest taking a few precautionary measures. 

If a planter is to be left outside planted over the cold months, it needs to be raised up off the ground by placing two pressure treated wooden strips underneath the planter.  Be sure not to block any drainage holes. This will help allow the soil to better drain and better prevent the planter from freezing to the ground surface.  If the planter or item is placed directly on the ground, drainage may get clogged after several freeze-thaw cycles. This would potentially cause the planter to crack or crumble. 

As an additional preventative, we also recommend using drainage materials such as small stones or broken terra cotta chips to be placed at the base of the bottom of the planter before it is filled with soil to allow better drainage.

If a planter must be left outside unplanted, we suggest emptying the soil and turning the planter upside down and place the planter on top of wooden strips. This will help prevent moisture from accumulating in the planter. Please note that even if a durable hard good is raised off the ground, there is always the risk that the hard good will absorb water through its surface which, when frozen, can cause the item to break.

Although many of our hard goods are frost-resistant they are not necessarily frost proof.

Please be aware that cast iron will rust over time.  If you wish to retain the finish as purchased, consult a local hardware store for clear sealant products.

For additional care pertaining to hard goods, please contact the appropriate vendor, or refer to www.campaniainternational.com PRODUCT CARE for information about the products that they carry.