Lawn Care

We carry an assortment of lawn care products, including fertilizers, grass seed, and pesticides, some of which are organic and naturally friendly to the environment. We carry grass seed from Jonathan Green and insecticides and herbicides from Bonide® specifically targeted for lawns.

Grass Seed – Jonathan Green™ 

Jonathan Green™  selects the highest quality grass seed mixtures. Wildwood offers four proven mixtures suited for four different environments. The grass seed varieties that are chosen are disease and insect resistant, more drought tolerant and more naturally dark green than other turf grasses on the market.

  • Dense Shade
  • Drought Tough™
  • Full Sun
  • Sun & Shade

Pest Control – Bonide®

Wildwood recommends the use of Bonide® DuraTurf Insect and Grub Control. One application kills grubs and other arthropod pests (millipedes, centipedes, earwigs, etc.) for up to three months. The product can be applied anytime, from spring through late summer. The product controls insects on turf and ornamentals, killing larvae of Japanese Beetle and Oriental Beetle and many other pests, both on and below ground..

Wildwood also recommends the use of Espoma® Organic Weed Preventer and Lawn Food containing natural corn gluten which acts as a preemergent herbicide that stops annual weed seeds from germinating in your lawn. Results are rapid and effective for common and troublesome weed species in turfgrass.  To control fungal problems in your lawn, we recommend using Bonide™Infused Lawn and Landscape granules.