Mulch by Bulk

We offer a naturally aged Hemlock bark mulch. 

100% Hemlock (no other types of bark or wood)

Completely Natural and free from any dyes

Bark is aged for a minimum of 6 to 9 months

Aging process gives bark a natural dark burgundy/auburn tone and more uniform appearance

Rich and fine textured, for ease of application

Raw Hemlock material comes from Aroostook County, Maine; processed at facility in Auburn, Maine

Please note that mulch sold by the bulk is referring to mulch sold in large quantities as loose product, not in bags. Bulk mulch is measured in cubic yards. A cubic yard is twenty-seven cubic feet. Mulch by the bulk can be picked up and loaded in person for no additional fee or can be delivered for an additional fee.  We currently have a three-yard minimum on mulch deliveries.

Please contact our office to inquire about our latest delivery charges.