Wildwood has helped customers design beautiful landscapes for over 50 years.  For small landscape projects, we have knowledgeable staff available in-store who can help you create a delightful garden on a rational budget.  For larger projects that require a visit to your site and detailed design plans, we can offer referrals to capable garden designers or landscape architects in your area.

When you visit the Garden Center, we recommend bringing photos and taking measurements of the area(s) that you would like advice for.  Take note of the sun exposure in the area(s) and be prepared to answer questions, such as whether or not you have deer or other potential pest issues.

While an appointment is not required to work with one of our garden designers, weekend days during our peak season of April through June are especially busy, limiting the amount of time that our staff can spend assisting each customer.  For the best possible experience, we suggest planning your visit for a weekday during these months.  During off-peak months, you are welcome to contact the Garden Center Office to schedule an in-store appointment with one of our garden designers on a day and time that is convenient for you.

Please Note:  As Plant Designers we do not offer full-service Landscape Architecture or Engineering Design nor are we able to provide Landscape Installation and Contractor Services. We will gladly provide referrals for such services upon request.