Wildwood History

Wildwood Nurseries, Inc. was founded in 1967 by Thomas Bosco. Thomas began his career as a landscape contractor who specialized in the development and improvement of land and buildings through the use of plantings and hardscape materials. Thomas purchased property in Johnston, Rhode Island, where he stored vehicles and equipment. Thomas also purchased farmland in West Kingston, Rhode Island, where he began to grow his own plants. Later, Thomas sold his Johnston property to purchase a larger and more centrally located track of land in East Greenwich where the current Garden Center is located.

Thomas originally used the new land to store equipment and to collect plant material that was grown from his farm to later be used on construction projects. He continued to grow the corporation as a Design-Build Firm. As the amount of plants carried on the property increased, so did the demand from customers. The increased demand initiated Thomas to open what is now the Garden Center. By May of 2003 Thomas’s son David began running the business alongside his father. In December of 2006, Thomas and David became co-owners of Wildwood. Thomas continues to serve as a Landscape Architect and Insurance Appraiser while David runs the Nursery & Garden Center.